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Twitter chat results in mainstream media coverage for new website

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A few days ago I promised to tell you the story about how the new site HelpMeInvestigate made it on to several mainstream media websites. The mainstream media thing is actually not that interesting, but at least it catches the eye of the general public when they are involved.

Thinking out loud about data use


Sometimes it can be enough simply voicing your ideas and someone will take a stab at it, simply because they can. The challenge is to think about how data works, and what is possible. Tony Hirst know A LOT about data use, and is kind enough to share most of it with the world. In […]

How online sharing and collaboration turn ideas into reality


A few weeks ago West by West Midlands 2 (WxWM) was held at the Spotted Dog in Digbeth. An event inspired by the success of the first ‘impromptu’ WxWM event back in April. It’s an event designed to get people together, to discuss and share ideas about the things they love about the internet.