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So how generous is Ordnance Survey OpenData?

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At the beginning of this month (apologies, we’re a bit late) the Government announced that much of the mapping data held by the Ordnance Survey would be released free to the public.

Local data and the Data.gov.uk site


In January the data.gov.uk site was launched at an event at the Guardian’s headquarters in London. For the unitiated, this site is the government’s attemp, under the guidance of World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt, to take data that is in the hands of the government and make it available […]

Can we use public data to create jobs?


This is really a post designed to encourage people to read an interesting piece by Birmingham based Paul Bradshaw over that the Online Journalism Blog.  It’s a month or so old because Paul was responding to news that Tim Berners Lee (the man who invented the World Wide Web) will be working on ways to […]