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Birmingham’s Social media scene attracts interest from Barcelona


Chris Pinchen works for  Citilab in a small industrial city just outside Barcelona. He recently visited Birmingham to learn from what was going on with all the civic social media we do here. He used to live in Rugby and hasn’t been in Birmingham since 1993, then he thought the city was a dreadful place, […]

What actually goes on in the Social Media Surgeries


Yesterday there was yet another successful Social Media Surgery at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham. With a turn-up of over 30 people in form of surgeons and ‘patients’, I’m pretty sure it was one of the busiest so far. But what actually goes on at the surgeries, sure it’s about social media but am I qualified […]

Why Be Vocal?


Welcome. This site is called Be Vocal because it reflects a growing passion the people of Birmingham have for using the web to express themselves. We’re interested in two things: Pulling together the story of  how social media is being used for social good in Birmingham. How it strengthens or influences local democracy. Keeping track […]