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The concept of hyperlocal


Josh Halliday (@joshhalliday), a journalism student at University of Sunderland, has been running SR2 Blog in Sunderland for three months. The site has been particulalry successful, and as part of Josh’s sudies, he put together a concept document which includes some very useful paragraphs about the hyperlocal phenomenon and where hyperlocal reporters should go for […]

Copy and paste hyperlocal blogging


As the hyperlocal phenomenon spreads across the UK, those who have been doing it for a while now are coming up with easy models for hyperlocal bloggers to adapt for their own website. Philip John has been a very busy bee, working on a number of plug-ins (which you upload to your site as a […]

Hyperlocal widgets enhance your community blog


Philip John who runs The Lichfield Blog over in, well, Lichfield, has just told us he’s started to create some widgety things just for hyperlocal or community bloggers. This is the kind of innovative cap-wearing we like to see. Phil took some council data provided by the project OpenlyLocal, mixed it in with his WordPress […]