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Local data and the Data.gov.uk site


In January the data.gov.uk site was launched at an event at the Guardian’s headquarters in London. For the unitiated, this site is the government’s attemp, under the guidance of World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt, to take data that is in the hands of the government and make it available […]

Visualising data for a transparent government


Have you seen the big blue bubbles on pages in the Guardian, a wordle of President Obama’s inauguration speech, or a Googlemap of all the roadworks in your area? Presenting data in new and interesting ways is the trend du jour. We live in a data driven world, so being able to see complicated information […]

The value of data, a tale of Birmingham parking tickets.


Through the Help Me Investigate site , I came across an investigation regarding parking tickets, with the aim to find the most ticketed street in Birmingham in FY09.  It sounded interesting, and I was delighted to see a FOI request from Heather Brooke (here it is on What Do They Know) Data, it’s a rather […]