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Local data and the Data.gov.uk site


In January the data.gov.uk site was launched at an event at the Guardian’s headquarters in London. For the unitiated, this site is the government’s attemp, under the guidance of World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt, to take data that is in the hands of the government and make it available […]

A Digital Inclusion conference in Birmingham – Barcamp style

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In Birmingham we have good experiences with the unconference/Barcamp style. Especially when it comes to gathering people around a specific topic or discussion. Another Barcamp or unconference is in the making, this time on the topic of Digital Inclusion. The people from ‘We Share Stuff’ got the idea after they attended the National Digital Inclusion […]

What actually goes on in the Social Media Surgeries


Yesterday there was yet another successful Social Media Surgery at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham. With a turn-up of over 30 people in form of surgeons and ‘patients’, I’m pretty sure it was one of the busiest so far. But what actually goes on at the surgeries, sure it’s about social media but am I qualified […]