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How we set up a hyperlocal blog in a cafe and made it all about fun


Recently I got involved in a new blog for the centre of Birmingham called Grounds that has a couple of cool things about it. Firstly, it’s based in a cafe – Urban Coffee Company in Birmingham. Secondly, anyone can join in. That’s probably the best bit about it – because anyone can send a post […]

AllForGood: Doing good with public data


AllForGood is a directory of volunteer activities in the US. It’s a database that lets you search for all kinds of volunteering opportunities based on keywords and topics. The site does a few things, it allows you to; Find volunteer activities near you. Share volunteer activities with your friends. See what your friends are interested […]

David Cameron gives examples of how you could use public data. (if it was available that is)


I was reading David Cameron’s speech at the Imperial College London yesterday titled ‘Giving power back to the people’ and he actually managed to pull out some nice examples of public data use or rather, what is possible. He even used the word ‘mashed up’, which hopefully means the word has been slightly demystified.