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Public Data


A list of data sources where you can search and browse public data. Please help build this resource by adding your suggestions in the comments. Credit to Gavin Wray for helping put this list together.

  1. Statistics.gov.uk
    Acts as a gateway and index of national statistics. Search or browse by topic.
  2. HESA
    Provides access to higher education data sets with statistics covering topics such as ‘Subject of Study’, ‘Qualifications’, ‘Disability’ and ‘Ethnicity’.
  3. Local Government
    Publications published by Local Government. Search or browse by topic.
  4. Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
    Access to economic and statistical publications produced by BIS, data provided as pdf, .doc and .xls
  5. Nomis
    Easy beginners wizard for querying data from a specific area. Provides data on population, employment, benefit claims etc.
  6. West Midlands Regional Observatory
    Research, reports and data released by the observatory, browsable by topic.
  7. MySociety
    A prime example of what can be accomplished with public data, and in doing so providing a nice resource for others.
  8. Rewired State : API’s
    A great list of data sources, some API’s but many which require download.
  9. Show Us A Better Way
    Information and specific instructions on how to get hold of public data including the Royal Mail’s Postcode PAF, Neighbourhood Statistics from the ONS, Health care information, from NHS Choices and a few more.
  10. Open Economics Datasets
    A nice resource of user submitted data sets available in their raw format. The data sets all in relation to economics ranges from Bank of England Interest Rate to Hard Drive Capacities and Costs.

6 Responses to “Public Data”

  1. It would be great to have the work of local mappers in the OPenStreetMap project who have produced an open source digital map of Birmingham listed here as a source of public data

    For the global project http://www.openstreemap.org or for a more local flavour http://www.mappamercia.org

  2. Worth giving http://www.ernestmarples.com a mention too. A great way for people who use public data to get location data from postcodes without paying the Royal Mail a huge wodge of cash.

    It’s sort of unofficial, but the more useful apps that are built using the system, the stronger the case there is for keeping it when the Royal Mail come a-knocking

  3. You may also be interested in CKAN, a registry of open datasets, including UK open government data. See, for example:


  4. Birmingham City Council will be listing its open data at http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/open-data

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