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Can we use public data to create jobs?


This is really a post designed to encourage people to read an interesting piece by Birmingham based Paul Bradshaw over that the Online Journalism Blog.  It’s a month or so old because Paul was responding to news that Tim Berners Lee (the man who invented the World Wide Web) will be working on ways to […]

AllForGood: Doing good with public data


AllForGood is a directory of volunteer activities in the US. It’s a database that lets you search for all kinds of volunteering opportunities based on keywords and topics. The site does a few things, it allows you to; Find volunteer activities near you. Share volunteer activities with your friends. See what your friends are interested […]

Great Use of Data Part 2: TrainTimes.org.uk


This is part of our ‘Great use of Data’ series in which we explore projects and applications that use data in new and existing ways. Who is behind? TrainTimes.org uk is the project of Mathew Somerville, a Birmingham based data developer frequently involved with the projects ran by MySociety.org. This project was one made for […]