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Hyperlocal widgets enhance your community blog


Philip John who runs The Lichfield Blog over in, well, Lichfield, has just told us he’s started to create some widgety things just for hyperlocal or community bloggers. This is the kind of innovative cap-wearing we like to see. Phil took some council data provided by the project OpenlyLocal, mixed it in with his WordPress […]

The Gen-Y of data mashers: using what the government gave you


As more and more data becomes available to the public online, how we present and use this information becomes increasingly important. Now young people are getting involved to create a generation of data mashers. Young Rewired State was a two-day project in London focused on technophile 15-18 year-olds encouraging them to construct something new and […]

The value of data, a tale of Birmingham parking tickets.


Through the Help Me Investigate site , I came across an investigation regarding parking tickets, with the aim to find the most ticketed street in Birmingham in FY09.  It sounded interesting, and I was delighted to see a FOI request from Heather Brooke (here it is on What Do They Know) Data, it’s a rather […]