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Learning about the COINS database: a few useful links


A couple of weeks ago the government did something really significant. No, it wasn’t anything to do with the Big Society – significant though that may be. It was the release of one enormous database, known as COINS. Essentially COINS (and I do really like writing it in capitals) is the detail on everything the […]

SpeedData: Jon Bounds


Jon explained why people do stuff for free on the web by talking about Cliche Kitty and Domo Kun. For those who don’t know, Cliche Kitty and Domo Kun were brought together on the internet. Have a look here. Jon described how people started to use these images and add to them and create new and […]

SpeedData: Dave Harte


Dave was interested in creating a map for the hyperlocal blog Bornville Village. He took data from Birmingham City Council’s website on gritting. He spent a lot of time doing it, by manually taking data, creating a spreadsheet and then transferring it to a Google Map. Eventually it was taken on by Mappa Mercia who […]