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Brum Data


We’ve compiled a list of as many data sets about Birmingham available and downloadable online as possible, separated into categories. To add to this list please leave a comment below.


Be Heard – Birmingham consultation database

Birmingham city council forthcoming meetings and committees

Fix My Street for Birmingham

Freepost addresses

Ward open space plans – 39 districts

RSS feeds for West Midlands information across all subjects

List of data sets by topic (inc Crime&safety, economic deprivation, health and care, and housing, for Birmingham from National Statistics. NB some of the data is outdated by 4-8 years

Be Birmingham

Be Birmingham has launched a new site which will allow access to hundreds of data sets, searchable by postcode area and with the ability to draw out unique sets from those already given. The site address is http://local.bebirmingham.org.uk/

Data sets on West Midlands Regional Observatory

The West Midlands Regional Observatory stores 220 dataset downloads on the following topics. Each topic has roughly 2-5 downloads and is easily navigated from their site. Here’s a pipe for the feed of all updates to the site. Or here’s a slimmer one (thanks to Gavin Wray) of just the data sets.

  • Contextual monitoring for urban and rural renaissance
  • Cross-cutting skills issues across sectors
  • Economic impact of migrant workers in the West Midlands
  • Economic inclusion research
  • Economic strategy and monitoring framework
  • Energy strategy monitoring
  • Enterprise and innovation research
  • Environmental skills technology review
  • Graduate employment in the West Midlands
  • Indices of deprivation
  • Investment in skills by Employers
  • Leitch Research
  • Low carbon economy
  • Measuring the scale of challenge
  • Raising aspirations research
  • Recession monitoring
  • Regional Lifestyle Survey 2005

Audit Commision

The Audit Commission have launched a new websiteOnePlace – to store independent information. The website shows Comprehensive Area Assessment data for  six independent inspectorates.


Here are a number of data sets received after freedom of information requests to Birmingham City Council:


West Midlands Police

Local Crime figures for 2008/2009


Community Health Profiles

Provides a snapshot to the health profile of each local authority, including Birmingham:

West Midlands Public Health Observatory


NHS application for developers


List of secondary schools

List of primary schools

Mode of transport for pupils with distances


Marketing Birmingham

Marketing Birmingham stores some interesting research reports on leisure, tourism and business.

Birmingham Economy & Quarterly Economic Survey
This is more commentary than a specific data-set:

Birmingham Economy has a number of very useful data sets for employment, demographics and profiles of wards across Birmingham

Labour Market Statistics

The official statistics from NOMIS

This is an online tool which gives access to economic data on employment, number of businesses, jobcentre figures and more. Lauran Amery has made a useful methodological guide on how to use Nomis, available here: http://www.wmro.org/resources/res.aspx?p=/CmsResource/resourceFilename/2663/Cultural-Research-Methodological-Guidance-For-LAs_v1_LA.doc


Data from the Cultural Research Intelligence Group:



Data on participation in culture:

Data on participation in sport is available here:

The Place Survey 2008 looks at satisfaction with a range of cultural facilities in each local authority area:


Environment Agency – what’s in your back yard

Household recycling centres in Birmingham


Birmingham Airport Guide

6 Responses to “Brum Data”

  1. Gavin Wray says:

    A very useful list here.

    The link you gave to the Observatory’s pipe aggregates all updates from our site (blog, web page changes, publications, datasets, events, and so on).

    If you prefer something slimmer, there’s a dedicated feed just for our datasets.

  2. Birmingham City Council will be listing its open data at http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/open-data

  3. […] Brum Data | Be Vocal We’ve compiled a list of as many data sets about Birmingham available and downloadable online as possible, separated into categories. To add to this list please leave a comment below. (tags: birmingham data) […]

  4. Pete Thomson says:

    The information on this page about the West Midlands Regional Observatory is out of date. It looks like the Observatory has vanished or changed drastically. There are some pages about a Regional Observatory from Marketing Birmingham, which include some reports but no downloadable datasets that I could find. http://www.wmro.org is now the website for something called World Music Radio Online.

  5. Nick Booth says:

    Thanks Pete for the comment – this page was created in 2009 and the site hasn’t been updated since probably 2010.

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