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Data for Journey Planning



I have a 17 mile commute to work that passes through a minimum of 4 local authority areas. Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Birmingham. In the last few months junction 9 of the M6 has been closed so I have been travelling to work along alternative routes and it’s really come to my attention just how many road works are taking place. How disruptive it is. And how hard it is to find out where these works are taking place without digging through the depths of each individual boroughs websites.

So when another road by closed that affected my commute and was still closed well after the advertised reopening date I started asking around on twitter if anyone knew when the road was likely to be accessible.

One of the people who replied happens to be a travel correspondent for  a local radio station and he pointed me the direction of roadworks.org.


Road Works Mapped

Roadworks.org is a website that aggregates and maps ongoing road works. They collect data from the street works systems of local authorities that have signed up to the service, and provide live updates for anyone looking to use it.

The map is customisable to show different  types of incidents, restrictions and road works…

Roadworks.org customise


It is searchable down to street level, and individual incidents can be expanded to show more details:



But even better (for me at least) when combined with Googles Traffic Data which is one of the custom options you can see in real time how traffic is flowing around those works and plan your journey to suit.

Road works and Traffic data



And finally it’s all in one place, no more having to trawl through multiple sources to try and find a route to work!

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