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Using Open Data to Evidence Funding Applications


depivation mapper

Last week while working with BOSF as I was showing the open data communities deprivation map when suddenly Emma had a light bulb moment.

They’ve been applying to different funding pots but struggling at times to evidence that they are eligible for it. They needed to show that they serve a deprived LSOA area, and they had no idea what that is.

A LSOA is a “lower layer super output area” – or a geographic area of 400 to 1200 households, with a population of 1000  to 3000.  Deprivation in these areas is measured on multiple factors, and these are combined by the Office of National Statistics to give the Multiple Indices of Deprivation.

The ONS rank areas from 1 (really deprived) to 33,000+ (least deprived) and these are then grouped into into deciles –  so a decile areas 1 would be in the worst 10% for deprivation – 10 being the to top 10% for deprivation.

They have then mapped this data on  http://opendatacommunities.org/showcase/deprivation so that you can search by postcode and see at a glance if you live/work/volunteer in an area of deprivation OR if your membership comes from areas of deprivation.

This one website has now made BOSF and Emma’s life much easier as now not only does she know what a LSOA is – she hasn’t got to worry about working out the areas and if they fall into the eligibility criteria as it’s all mapped in front of her!


Created under the Open Government License

Created under the Open Government License

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