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Mapping road death data


The BBC recently undertook a web project to make road death accidents “relevant to people” during a week’s coverage.

Deaths were plotted on a map and searchable by postcode with links to the relevant news article.

Picture 1

You can see and interact with the map on the BBC website here. The way the data is presented once you have typed in your postcode is in fact very useful –  displaying the number of deaths during the year period by police authority, the ratio of male to female deaths, the mode of transport and when you click on a marker you are told the age and gender of the person who died and how the accident occured.

Bella Hurrell said on the BBC Editors blog:

“The map helps to refocus the issue away from being a national problem involving big numbers to being a local issue, affecting people we may know, on roads we might travel.”

Although this is indeed a very morbid subject – it will undoubtedly add not only to the public’s ability to read detailed information concerning road accidents in their area, but may also contribute to preventing such accidents from occurring in the future.

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