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Making climate change visible


Following the confused and convoluted arguments surrounding the climate change summit in Copenhagen last week, a number of journalists have tried to find a way of coherently presenting the arguments for and against scepticism about climate change.

David Candless writes on the Guardian Datablog there is little online to explain the arguments to people who couldn’t go to the summit (most I expect).

The datasets Information is Beautiful used to make this graph about climate scepticism can be found on his blogpost.

The Guardian have set up a Flickr Group for people to upload their data visualisations and there are a number of interesting ones which try and map out climate change in new ways.

For example, this one from Oxfam shows the scale of poverty by country in a relative world map:
Oxfam reception cartogram

A hot topic throughout the summit was which country was worst for producing emissions. A popular way of visualising this is to change the size of the country according to its emissions, here again by Oxfam:
Cumulative CO2

And the Guardian’s own carbon emissions graphic prior to the Copenhagen summit:
Carbon emissions 2008

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