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Balance Your Bobbies

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Balance Your Bobbies is a new web initiative from North Wales Police which allows the public to let the police know what they think are the areas of importance for their local police to focus their resources on for their ward. You put in your postcode, and drag the bobby helmets on a scale to tell the police which issues you are interested in. The district inspector can then make any changes to priorities for police in an area according to the feedback. Issues you can comment on include vandalism, drugs, and patrolling. The site also allows you to access the police reports for your area. This is a great way to increase democracy and transparency between local people and their police service.

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Programme Director for Citizen Focus in North Wales Police Ian Davies told Nick Booth:

“In terms of community policing if there’s an aspect there that we can concentrate on as to what the specific community needs are in an area, it gives us a really good indication for improving confidence and engaging with the community.”

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  1. This is a brilliant idea. I’ve always thought that people will take more of an interest in issues like this if they have more of a say.

    Taking that even further (in a fantasy world), if people had a direct say over how their personal tax payments were distributed (i.e.20% policing, £5% road, 10% public transport), would that have positive effect on participation and responsibility? What kind of results do you think we would get? Would people abuse the system?

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