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Archive for December, 2009

The power of social media


As the Christmas season comes to a close, and we’ve seen the usual traditions trudged out across the globe – there were a couple of elements to this year’s celebrations which didn’t follow the norm and they arose from the power of social media. Someone once said social media is taking us back to ages […]

Copy and paste hyperlocal blogging


As the hyperlocal phenomenon spreads across the UK, those who have been doing it for a while now are coming up with easy models for hyperlocal bloggers to adapt for their own website. Philip John has been a very busy bee, working on a number of plug-ins (which you upload to your site as a […]

Making climate change visible


Following the confused and convoluted arguments surrounding the climate change summit in Copenhagen last week, a number of journalists have tried to find a way of coherently presenting the arguments for and against scepticism about climate change. David Candless writes on the Guardian Datablog there is little online to explain the arguments to people who […]