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Using web tools to get citizen feedback


We’ve found this link to a list of states in America which are using social media and the web to help get feedback from citizens. It’s well worth having a look at these sites, which demonstrate how local governments can better engage with citizens to help improve an area, building connections between local minds and those in power to make change happen.

Some sites such as Ideas for Seattle and Santa Cruz City Budget use crowdsourcing as a means of getting ideas for how best to use money.

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It’s a little bit like the Community Cashback scheme run by West Midlands Police. The scheme gives citizens the opportunity to propose community-focused ideas which, if successful, will be funded by money recovered from criminal assets. Here’s a list of ideas which have already been given the go ahead since the first round of proposals went through in September, including a Community Bus in Lozells, and a Youth Fit centre in Cosley.

Making sure voices and ideas from citizens are heard in an open debate about what should be done to better the community is a simple way of improving relationships between local authorities and the public, creating a more transparent system of redevelopment and giving people a chance to put forward their individual insights and innovations.

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