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Hyperlocal widgets enhance your community blog


Philip John who runs The Lichfield Blog over in, well, Lichfield, has just told us he’s started to create some widgety things just for hyperlocal or community bloggers.

This is the kind of innovative cap-wearing we like to see. Phil took some council data provided by the project OpenlyLocal, mixed it in with his WordPress and data mashing knowledge and promises the result of this nifty little widget to plug-into your blog.

A widget is one of those boxey things which runs down the side of your blogposts (or in boxes depending on the layout of the theme you have chosen for your blog). Popular ones for most hyperlocal sites include Twitter widgets linking to your blog’s Twitter feed, Flickr feed to photos of your area, a map of the area, events widgets using Google Calender. Phil told us a little secret that things he is planning includes widgets for FixMyStreet, WhatDoTheyKnow, TheyWorkForYou, OpenlyLocal, Weather Warnings, and Help Me Investigate.

Phil says he’s got tons more ideas but doesn’t want to waste time making things which aren’t useful so he’s looking for hyperlocal and community bloggers to contribute to an ideas bank on this site on which plug-ins he should continue to develop. Today he wrote this post about some of his ideas.

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