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Archive for November, 2009

Using web tools to get citizen feedback


We’ve found this link to a list of states in America which are using social media and the web to help get feedback from citizens. It’s well worth having a look at these sites, which demonstrate how local governments can better engage with citizens to help improve an area, building connections between local minds and […]

Hyperlocal widgets enhance your community blog


Philip John who runs The Lichfield Blog over in, well, Lichfield, has just told us he’s started to create some widgety things just for hyperlocal or community bloggers. This is the kind of innovative cap-wearing we like to see. Phil took some council data provided by the project OpenlyLocal, mixed it in with his WordPress […]

Local democracy at the price of Christmas Lights


A local blogger has caused so much outrage among town councillors in Somerton, eight out of 11 of them have quit the council. This report by the BBC highlights how this microcosm of upset reflects things on a national scale. The web, hunger for increased accountability and transparency in our local authorities and Freedom of […]