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Let’s Be Social and Lozells Social Media Surgery success


With back-to-school season in September, we got our blogging skills cranked up for the next round of neighbourhood Social Media Surgeries in Birmingham taking place in Central Birmingham and Lozells.

What’s more, Acocks Green have started running their own monthly Social Media Surgeries, held at the Inn on the Green, the last one being on October 1st. See their great new website Let’s Be Social here. They are hoping to start Solihull Social Media Surgeries in January , as they are currently running Social Media Surgeries for Councillors in Solihull – with the next one being on October 6th at 6 – 7.30pm at the Civic Suite of the Council House.

AlanJC – who runs Let’s Be Social, said:

We have run one Social Media Surgery without Nick Booth so far in Acocks Green, which he kick started, and that went really well. We had six people in total, and most of this centred around a discussion about how we could use the tools available for the area with a couple of technical help sessions which answered specific question.

In Solihull I am already running Social Media Surgeries for Council Members, and I am planning to use the same model for Social Media Surgeries in Solihull for community/voluntary groups, as there are many people who simply don’t keep up with the events which have run in Birmingham.

Over in Lozells our latest Social Media Surgery attracted another good balance of those seeking digital help and surgeons with knowledge and expertise. Another thank you to surgeons Simon Whitehouse, Michael Grimes, and thanks to Raj Rattu and John Heavens for organising the venue.

Simon worked with Noorin Akhtar to set up a personal blog which would enable her to publish homemade YouTube videos – which raise awareness in communities about the public perception of service providers, and aim to break down stereotypes of ethnic minorities. Noorin is interested in creating a voice for communities which are often wrongly thought to be hard-to-reach groups, and she was interested in how to blog in a number of different languages to make her information more accessible. We look forward to seeing how she uses the blog to develop the conversations and community work she is already doing.

Manjit Singh also set up the new West Handsworth Neighbourhood Forum,  with the help of Michael Grimes and Nick Booth Рwhich has both current news on the blog, and a static page with information about the local policing in the area.

For those who attended the surgeries – or anyone with an interest in how they can use social media to develop their organisation or voluntary group’s online presence – please visit the Social Media Help page on the Podnosh website.

Look out for the next surgeries in Lozells and Acocks Green on this website and Let’s Be Social.

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