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A Digital Inclusion conference in Birmingham – Barcamp style

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In Birmingham we have good experiences with the unconference/Barcamp style. Especially when it comes to gathering people around a specific topic or discussion.

Another Barcamp or unconference is in the making, this time on the topic of Digital Inclusion. The people from ‘We Share Stuff’ got the idea after they attended the National Digital Inclusion Confenrence. The identified one of the main problem with traditional conferences:

“We’re also aware that these conferences can be very costly to attend, we wouldn’t have been able to afford to go to the NDIC without the support of UK Online Centres — and the cost factor is a big issue for many smaller third-sector organisations. This conference is again very expensive.”

That’s why they are now trying to see whether there might be enough interest from the community, to justify an unconference around Digital Inclusion in Birmingham. And what better why to test, than to ask the blogosphere. So far quite a few people have shown interest with many offering their help. The event is “scheduled” for late October.

“Proposed for late October, somewhere in Birmingham (central for the country, but also where we can organise it most easily), one day – with social event afterwards, barcamp style, as free to attend as we can possibly manage (attempting to attract sponsorship or free venue etc).”

So if you want to witness how an unconference is organised, then keep an eye at the We Share Stuff website. If I kow Jon Bounds right, you can expect a twitter hashtag, possibly a wiki and more blog posts around this topic in the near future (no pressure Jon ;-)).

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  1. Jon Bounds says:

    Not sure about a wiki (not a huge fan), and I’ll let any hashtag evolve for itself. But more blogging – and requests for help – will surely follow.

    With the 20 or so people that have already expresed interest I think we would have a really worthwhile day — but there’s more people out there that we’d love to see, so thanks for the publicity & the nudges :)

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