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Warwick Road Enhancements: Faultless use of social media for consultation?


So how do you incorporate social media without making one single mistake? Easy; don’t incorporate it at all. First of all here’s what this post is all about:

Birmingham City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, and Centro (the West Midlands transport authority) are currently working in partnership to improve the A41 Warwick Road route.  The project aims to:

  • Make travel easier along the Warwick Road for all types of vehicle and for pedestrians,
  • Improve the local environment for residents and businesses, and
  • Look at how rail can be better integrated with the route.

People can fill in an online questionnaire if they want to participate, with an added bonus of being entered into a prize draw for £50 worth of shopping vouchers. But that’s all you can do, you can’t see what others have said or even see a map of the area.

We want to collaborate

The Big City Talk proved that people don’t just want to voice their opinion, they also want to discuss it with others. A better way to do this would be to allow comments, but much better, start a Facebook Fan-page or group. A lot of people are already on Facebook every single day, it’s the perfect forum to debate issues in a local area.

An interactive map would have been great?

I know this can be quite technical and I’m not being critical here, just suggestive. You could create a Google Map where people could add points directly on the map, with their comments. This would make it a lot easier for some people to explain exactly where and what they are talking about.

Thanks to BiNS for posting this.

2 Responses to “Warwick Road Enhancements: Faultless use of social media for consultation?”

  1. Julia Larden says:

    Alternatively, http://www.acocksgreenfocusgroup.org.uk or new Kid on the blog: http://acocksgreentraders.wordpress.com/ both have blow-up versions of the plans for Acocks Green which relate to the Warwick Road project, together with blow-up versions of a couple posters produced by the Warwick Road Project team. The posters show a lot of issues they have noted. We think the plans are interesting, and the posters are quite good, but pity all this is not on the Warwick Road site!

    You can, however, talk back to either of the Acocks Green sites above – Focus Group site more for residents and Traders one has special features for traders – and your posted views will be seen by anyone else who logs on. A Word Press poll facility is also being tried on the Traders site. Collected views will be passed on to the Warwick Road team.

    • Nick Booth says:

      Thanks for that really helpful information Julia, the other thing to note here is that more people are being supported to develop the skills you have to use the web through social media surgeries specific to Hall Green and your nearby neighbourhoods.

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