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Twitter chat results in mainstream media coverage for new website

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A few days ago I promised to tell you the story about how the new site HelpMeInvestigate made it on to several mainstream media websites. The mainstream media thing is actually not that interesting, but at least it catches the eye of the general public when they are involved.

This is basically what the site is about:

A place where you can collaborate with other people to investigate things

  • Start an investigation
  • Invite other people to help you investigate it
  • Collaborate and share answers

So what happened with that story. Well, first someone (Pete Ashton that is) speculated on twitter, about a new website for the council that was announced a few years ago. Josh Hart’s response sparked interest and he was encouraged to start an investigation at HelpMeInvestigate. This meant that now a more organised investigation could take place. Twitter was great for the initial speculation stage, but it is hard to organise larger investigation over a period of time. Anyway, the rest is mostly history, told much better by Josh Hart himself.

Here are the main pointers:

“On the other, it’s been built by Capita and already appears to be fraught with technical problems. I guess we should sit tight and not pass judgement until we see it but Jon may have had it right.”


“Anyway, it appears that the latest plan is to launch the website in late July or 1st week of August but don’t hold your breath as every reference to a date is smothered in caveats saying “well, maybe not”. But it should arrive soon and with many millions spent on it’s development I’m sure it will be just marvellous.”

Anything new will probably be added to the investigation, so keep an eye out on the site and their twitter stream for anything interesting.

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  1. Nick Booth says:

    I think one of the most interesting parts of this investigation is how someone saw the conversation and the question and then set up what was then an anonymous twitter account:


    To begin feeding out there version of events, a sort of online deep throat. It’s very interesting how quickly the web savvy can strip away an organisations sense of being able to protect it’s information.

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