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Presentation to BVSC

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Above is a presentation given at BVSC this morning for a group of managers of voluntary organisations in Birmingham. We wanted  to explain the cities social media” ecology, how it is changing an devolving and what it might mean in terms of their work and power relationships.

The examples seemed to strike a chord, with legitimate questions asked about access and equality – responded to by arguing for internet access to be treated as a public good, culture changes,  the problem of local authorities always facing challenge rather than constructive conversation and really thoughtful ideas about tone of voice and the nature of conversation.

Thanks to Candy Passmore and Brian Carr for giving us the time.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to introduce some of these ideas and examples to other senior figures in the city.

We focused on neighbourhood work and the tools which are encouraging people to hold power to account, as well as join in a conversation between citizens and governed.  Below are links mentioned in the discussion













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