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Life in Lozells

That’s the tag line for the hyper-local blog (you know we love those) Life in Lozells. I recently caught up with one of it’s founders, Kate Foley, who was kind enough to answer a few of my questions.

The basis for the blog was built upon the desire of the citizens in Lozells. Researched (by The Chamberlain Forum) showed that people wanted a place where local information could be posted and where the good news about Lozells would be available for all to see.

Social Media and blogging go together

Since the site was started in early 2008, it has been growing slowly but Kate explains how the site saw a boost in traffic when they introduced elements of social media:

“More recently we received a boost when we were able to make use of Graduate placement 1 day per week to help develop the site, enable more people to access it and increase overall awareness and use of Social Media via some Social Media Surgery sessions”

But the site also use more traditional methods of bringing people to the site. They have used promotional postcards to do additional advertising. Here at BeVocal we are supporters of clever use of social media, but we also stress the importance of getting out into the community and be physically active.

In the future they hope to do even more social media and extend their profile on Twitter. They have also come to a point where they feel it’s time to broaden the content and attract more users.

“we hope to continue to extend the number of users of the site, to broaden the content and to make greater use of Twitter and other social media.” says Kate.

I can only recommend you check out the blog, and learn from the exceptional work that is being put into it. The concept is extremely strong and focused, and the people behind the site seems to be driven primarily by a passion for a great community.

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