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Blogging Acocks Green


It’s often seen that blogging can create quite healthy online communities around shared interests. But in Acocks Green, they’ve taken it one step further and extended their reach to real life.

Helped along by the Social Media Surgeries, Acocks Green has now taken charge of their own blogosphere, online as well as offline. Since the first social media surgery a number of blogs have been set up and existing one have developed into more mature communities.

Blogs in Acocks Green

There are a number of bogs in Acocks Green already and more is on the way. To mention a few; Julia Larden blogs at Acocks Green Focus group. Nicola Toms talks about the AG identity over at IamAG. I personally helped Eric to set up his first experimental blog Eric of Capel-y-ffin and the most recent one, which was also documented here on the blog; Francis Road Community Page. There are others like East Yardley Neighbourhood Forum and feel free to add the others in the comments below so they can be included when we do a complete list in the future.

It’s like an eco-system

I attended the first social media surgery in AG a few months ago and I was impressed by how many people turned up, and how engaged they were in their community. They’ve had three organised surgeries and by the looks of it, they are on their way to making it their own.

Here’s what Nick said after the last surgery:

The Acocks Green surgery now goes native, with those living there agreeing to sort out a way to keep it going.  Alan Colson is interested in helping and keen to sort a range of venue, as is Yardley resident  Steve Cooper (who may find himself organising the next one?).

It’s a natural and healthy development, when you get people together who are passionate about the same things, they will learn and help each other without even thinking about it. Nick caught a few people at the last surgery who was supposed to be patients, but suddenly turned surgeons.

I’m looking forward to see how far they can take this on their own, knowing how far they’ve gotten in only a few months, I’m sure they will continue to set up up blogs at every surgery.

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