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Another new blog for Acocks Green

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Francis Road looks like a fine place to live

Francis Road looks like a fine place to live

Yesterday Rebecca from the Francis Road Neighbourhood Watch in Acocks Green  (see map) came along to the third social media surgery in Acocks Green.  She worked on this blog, which she had set up at a previous one:


You might want to make her feel welcome to the world of using the web to connect with people  by commenting on their first post here.

The surgery saw a lovely example of how the taught become teachers.  I filmed just a snatched moment of two non -surgeons turning surgeon in the face a third person wanting some help:

Patient to Surgeon from Podnosh on Vimeo.

The Acocks Green surgery now goes native, with those living there agreeing to sort out a way to keep it going.  Alan Colson is interested in helping and keen to sort a range of venue, as is Yardley resident  Steve Cooper (who may find himself organising the next one?).  Both are hoping for some more support from  @nictomtom who blogs here and almost certainly many others.

You might all like to know about some new things over on Podnosh (the people who set up this site).  After creating a beginners guide type tool for GroundworkUK we’ve also made it available at this link.  It includes a search box for help using wordpress.com and flickr, youtube and twitter.  There’s a guide to different types of stories to write on your blog and plenty of other useful tips.

Much of this you could find through googling for it, but bring it all into one place makes that quicker and gives anyone new to social media a little more confidence that they’ll find the help they need.

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  1. Steve Cooper says:

    Steve Cooper (who may find himself organising the next one?)

    Most likely!

    Anyway, glad to be helping hope to see more locals in the future

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