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3rd social media surgery in Acocks Green – 27th July 2009.


There’s seem to be plenty of enthusiasm among the voluntary and community groups in Acocks Green, Yardley, Tysley and the like for another social media surgery.  So the date is soon, next monday, at the same venue as the first two:

27th July 2009, drop in between 5.30 – 7pm at The Inn on the Green, Acocks Green.  (click this link for a map). Brendan the landlord is happy to lend us his wi-fi, although he’s very keen that everyone buys a drink – most people do buy a soft drink of some sort.

What to expect?  A group of people sitting in a pub showing each other the best way to use the internet to serve their local charity or community groups.  If you want to come please use the following form to sign up.

5 Responses to “3rd social media surgery in Acocks Green – 27th July 2009.”

  1. Nick Booth says:

    It will be great to see you there Alan.

  2. Steve Cooper says:

    Sadly cannot make it as I’m attending a company function.

  3. […] Rebecca from the Francis Road Neighbourhood Watch in Acocks Green  (see map) came along to the third social media surgery in Acocks Green.  She worked on this blog, which she had set up at a previous […]

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