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Tesco launches API for developers. Can you imagine grocery mashups?

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The retail giant has been developing a REST API (not really sure what the REST bit means) for developers to use in applications that can enhance grocery shopping.

Developers will be able to search products, as well as get nutritional information, such as how many calories are in a serving of crisps or biscuits. (Programmable Web)

It has been about 6 months in the making and has involved around 150 developers. Nick Lansley from the Tesco API team, wrote this in an email to the developers prior to the release of the new API:

You’ll be pleasantly surprised about what we will be letting you do! Price comparison? Selling your apps? Getting your users to rely on your apps? Yes yes yes do whatever you like.

As we know the more open the API’s are, the more the end user will benefit, and in the end the more the company will benefit. Bet example of this is Twitter and all the apps that has made this service to what it is.

It should be interesting to see what kinds of mashups will come out of this once developers has taken it all in. The video below will give you an idea of the sort of apps that Tesco hopes will evolve over time. Pretty interesting.

Developers interested in this stuff can attend T-JAM on August 5 in London.

T-Jam is Tesco’s open innovation day, and what that means is that not only will you work with other Tesco customers and creative thinkers to drive ideas and innovation, but you also have the opportunity to play a part in developing those ideas and making them a success.

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  1. While we were doing some stuff for the National Digital Inclusion Conference, A short inclusion video we did about MySupermarket.com got noticed on youtube and we started a dialogue with MySupermarket.com around the inclusion agenda. Basically I was saying we need the everyday users of these comparison sites who have fan pages on the likes of Facebook, to encourage non-adopters to realise the benefits of using the web. So this stuff by Tesco seems to move that forward. The Digital Inclusion Champion, Martha Lane Fox, talks about incluson working by everyday people sharing their experiences and I think this is one of those opportunities. I’m going to look more into this, Thanks for sharing.

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