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Submit apps and ideas that use public data to Directgov | Innovate


Innovate.Direct.gov.uk recently completed a relaunch of their website. It’s supposed to act as a portal of public data apps and ideas. Everyone is free to suggest new projects or submit apps that are built on government data.

E-Government Bulletin Live writes:

First launched in January of this year, a number of new features have now been added to the site. Users can now submit their own applications directly on to the site, and there is also an ideas tool, for people to suggest how government information can be used to provide better services

They go on to quote the CEO of Directgov, Jayne Nickalls:

In the short term, [Innovate Space] can be a place to hold discussions about the types of data that people would like to see made available […] Over time we hope to be a place where the locations of government data can be made available to the developer community.

Check out the site, submit an idea or app and browse the existing directory of submitted projects.

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