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AllForGood: Doing good with public data


AllForGood is a directory of volunteer activities in the US. It’s a database that lets you search for all kinds of volunteering opportunities based on keywords and topics.

The site does a few things, it allows you to;

  • Find volunteer activities near you.
  • Share volunteer activities with your friends.
  • See what your friends are interested in.
  • Track volunteer activities you care about.

for example; here is a search for volunteering activities near New York matching the criteria of Health. The results display a short excerpt of the main details of the listing, along with a link to the source.


AllForGood: Search for health activities around New York

A clever integration of Facebook and Google allow users to log in using their existing accounts and either share a listing or ‘like it’. These social aspects gives the site a new dimension, allowing people to form communities around volunteering opportunities.

You can imagine how people who volunteer in the same area, would like to form relationships based on shared interests. Your likes and activities are recorded on your profile page, other people can then easily and quickly see what you’ve done and which listings you have liked.

The project is very much a complete package, it comes with gadgets and apps as well as a an API for developers to play with. You can read more about the idea, which was inspired by the presidents call for the public to engage in service, and follow along on their blog.

In terms of using public data, AllForGood is by our definitions a mashup. The website takes data from several sources including VolunteerSolutions.org, HandsOnPortland.org and Idealist.org, bring it all together and let users search it and have it displayed in a way that is more accessible and uniform.

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