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Great Use of Data Part 2: TrainTimes.org.uk


This is part of our ‘Great use of Data’ series in which we explore projects and applications that use data in new and existing ways.


TrainTimes.org livemap

Who is behind?
TrainTimes.org uk is the project of Mathew Somerville, a Birmingham based data developer frequently involved with the projects ran by MySociety.org.

This project was one made for fun and is a re-work of the original National Rail enquiry website, but without the need for cookies (a web technology to store information on your computer).

What does it do?
It provides accessible UK train timetables by eliminating the use of cookies. It also provides a mobile version of the query form, making it more accessible when you’re on the move.

There is also a live train map showing in almost real-time, where each train is currently heading and when it is expected to arrive.

Why should I care?
Obviously we love to see local talent and want to support it, and Matthew has really demonstrated single-handedly, why we need to push for more open data. The more people we can encourage to do stuff like this, the more ammunition we have against the people who protect this data.

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