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Great Use of Data Part 1: MySociety.org


This is part of our ‘Great use of Data’ series in which we explore projects and applications that use data in new and existing ways.



Who are they?
MySociety is a not-for-profit company based on a charity. They take public information and makes it accessible and understandable for the average citizen.

What do they do?
Through a series of websites, they aim to provide the public with very simple and specific tools that helps citizens in the civic and community aspects of their lives.

Why should I care?
The information that MySociety use has been available for many years but not in a way that was accessible to the man on the street. One of their most popular projects is TheyWorkForYou, a website that brings together information about MP’s and presents it in a way that people can understand. Information include how they voted with notes explaining their view. For example instead of showing you a list of votes and speeches, it might say something like.

“[This MP]Voted moderately against introducing a smoking ban

Other tools include WriteToThem and HearFromYourMP which lets you write to a specific MP or request information about what they are up to. For a full list of websites have a look at their projects page.

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