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Open Street map at a very local level

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Sutton Green Map

The first person to really talk me through Open Street Map was Rob Annable.  He showed me this version – which adds layers of local information for a neighbourhood, in this case Sutton Green in Surrey.

I love the way you can use the map depending on the layers of information you want/need.  Looking for problems from fix my street, then tick the box and they apear, want to combine that with other information it’s all there. You decide what you want to see.

Great job and an inspiration to any neighbourhood group.  The brummie version of this map is here.

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  1. This is great stuff. I’d really like to do something like this for Lichfield, but unfortunately we don’t (yet) have full OSM coverage for the district.

    I’ve got a fantasy about putting GPS trackers in our bin lorries so they can map the area when they go out on their rounds, but that’s not (yet) happened! Might just have to get out there and JFDI!

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