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Archive for June, 2009

Data about Britain’s most beautiful places now available


Only a few months after the launch of the project (well, game) ScenicOrNot, MySociety is making the data available for the public. The data contains information about 217.000 images and is being updated on a weekly basis. It is collected through an interactive game where users rate different parts of the UK based on its […]

Handsworth, Lozells and Social Media, twitter and hashtags.


On Saturday I popped up to Handsworth for a community consultation event. John Heaven, a social media savvy council officer, was there live blogging with this wordpress site that he created literally as the event started.  John and I also tweeted the event (using different tags – doh) and you can find the streams for […]

Civic Social Media things that Birmingham can learn from


As well as bragging about what we are good at, an important element in the further development of these things, is to look at what we can learn from others. Using this post as a starting point, we have listed the first few things that we would love to see Birmingham learn from. Obviously we […]