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Data about Britain’s most beautiful places now available


Only a few months after the launch of the project (well, game) ScenicOrNot, MySociety is making the data available for the public.

The data contains information about 217.000 images and is being updated on a weekly basis. It is collected through an interactive game where users rate different parts of the UK based on its scenic value.

Here is what you get:

“votes.tsv is a TSV file of all photos that have been rated 3 times or more. The columns are ID, latitude, longitude, average rating, population variance, the votes (comma separated), and the Geograph URI for the photo; the file updates weekly.”

A tiny slice of the data that is available

A tiny slice of the data that is available

ScenicOrNot was commissioned by MySociety in order to collect data about Britain’s pretty places to fuel Channel4’s Mapumental application. It was never a secret that the data was going to be released to the general public and now we just have to wait and see what people do with it.

How can this be used for data mashing?

Well, the data is primarily intended for use in the Mapumental project by Channel4. And build into Mapumental is a scenic slider, this will be a way for people to filter out the least scenic places in an area.

As you can see from the video below, this becomes really useful when it’s mashed together with other data and put on a map. You then get a really powerful application that takes data about house prices, public transport and the scenic votes. – Mash them together and let the user generate dynamic maps based on commuting time, house prices and beauty.

This data is now available to the public and we can do with it what we like. Let us know if you can imagine any useful way to use this data, might it be for planning trips, guided tours or something completely different.

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