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Civic Social Media things that Birmingham can learn from


bristol-wifiAs well as bragging about what we are good at, an important element in the further development of these things, is to look at what we can learn from others. Using this post as a starting point, we have listed the first few things that we would love to see Birmingham learn from. Obviously we have again this time, left out all sorts of things that we would love to be reminded of. And we’re hoping that you will carry on the discussion in the comments.

  1. Bristol Wireless
    Developing free and open wifi across the city of Bristol. A project with the intention of providing free and high quality internet access to its local community. By supporting wifi access to everyone without any cost, they aim to help bridging the digital divide.
  2. Google Transit, East Midlands
    By making data available via API, services like Google Transit can help people plan trips. It allows developers to take public transport data and use the service to display a live visual output.
  3. London Green Map
    The map lets you search for environmental events and organisations in London. Still a prototype but a very useful resource for green activities in London. Registered users can also enter organisation and events into the database, in order to have them appear on the map.
  4. Bashmash
    A series of collaboration days, organised by volunteers to help local charities and third sector organisations understand the social web. The days are designed to help these organisations and charities, to get access to the skills required to take advantage of social technologies.
  5. CapStat
    A digital data resource for residents of Washington DC to track how their local government is working. The information can be used to track the progress and performance of local agencies, find neighbourhoods statistics and see how the city is responding to its most pressing challenges.
  6. Recovery.gov
    A visual site providing information on how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is working. It provides tools to help hold the government accountable, including up-to-date data on the expenditure of funds.
  7. LondonProfiler
    A new mashup that allows Londoners’ to visualize their neighbourhood on a map based on different criteria, such as house prices, education and crime.

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