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Brian Simpson from 24Carrots talk about his first Social Media Surgery


Brian Simpson from 24Carrots.org.uk agreed to talk me, just after he finished his very first session at the most recent Social Media Surgery.

Brian, unlike many of the other folk there, is from a technological background. He works with data and web technologies on a daily basis, he had even used some of the social media platforms prior to coming down. He was already on Twitter and Delicious.

Brian lives in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and is a data analyst but also has an interest in social media and web technologies.

I asked Brian why he decided to attend the Surgery.

“I wanted to get some advice to put me on the right direction with social media. I want to be able to use to spread the word about an event that is happening in the Jewellery Quarter, which is the Farmers Market.

I had a very good session with Jon Bounds, who looked at what we’ve already done and given me some advice on how we can improve our existing websites. But he’s also introduced me to a new technology called Tumblr.  Tumblr will allow us to have another platform were we can very easily and quickly add to a blog.”

What have you specifically done before you came to the Surgery today?

“I had already done a website, were we’ve used a content management system so we could very quickly get a very basic website up and also add some additional functionality.The website is for two purposes, one is for public facing but we also use it to manage the stallholders. “

Has your perception of how Social Media is used, changed after you’ve attended the Surgery?

“I didn’t com as a complete novice, I have used different technologies over the years. What I’ve really gained from today, is getting the insight from people who are used to actually working with it as a tool. Being able to leverage the technologies to maximum advantage.”

How did you hear about the Social Media Surgeries?

“I go to some of the Birmingham Bloggers’ Meets and the Birmingham Social Media Cafe but I also know quite a lot of people who work and move in those circles. But not being a complete novice, I had in my mind that it was for people who knew nothing. But I have got the impression now that anybody at any level can gain from tapping into the expertise available here.”

What do you think about the format?

“One to one is always better. I brought my website here, we actually worked on my computer, we created an account for me on Tumblr and started to customize it – you can’t do that in a presentation. Having that one to one interaction I think is very valuable.”

Are you going to come back for future surgeries?

“I think I will, I have got a lot to take away and think about. Our first market is on July 4th. but once we’ve got over that hurdle, the thing is going to be sustaining it. So I think I’ve got enough to qualify in the short term, but once we get past that first market, I think I will be back with a whole new set of questions.”

Since the surgery, Brian has managed to customize the new Tumblr blog and also add a lot of valuable content. You can follow Brian on his personal twitter account which is @gecal.

You can listen to the full interview with Brian if you click on the link below.

Brian Simpson Social Media Surgery

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