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Acocks Green – our very first, very local social media surgery.


Do you know it’s right ticky finding a venue in Acocks Green that has free wi-fi, is appropriate for all and doesn’t make folk turn their noses up!  We’re some way there.

The date for out first social media surgery in Acocks Green is tomorrow Monday, June 22nd 2009, drop in any time between 5.30 to 7pm (finish time) at the Inn on the Green B27 7UH, Acocks Green (map).  It’s a pub, so apologies, not ideal for everyone. You’ll will be able to but a cup of tea or coffe.  Acocks Green library will be open but doesn’t ahve wi-fi – same problem with South Yardley Library.

The local Costa Coffee doesn’t have wi-fi, the nearest Wetherspoons and McDonalds were greeted with slightly crinkled expressions.  So thanks to Adrian and Brendan at the Inn on the the Green we have got ourselves started – we will be in the bar on the left hadn side as you walk in.  Why there?  That’s the perfect spot to be able to hook into the office wifi router.

I know that’s very short notice, we have 4 surgeons lined up and already have sent out the date and time to the Acocks Green neighbourhood forum, The east yardley neighbour hoos forum and bloggers in an around Acocks Green.

Even if we can get a handful of people together who live close to each other and are using social media for some sort of civic good I’ll consider this a success.  That will at least help accelerate the business of helping them network.

Newcomers form community groups and charities around the area though will be very welcome.

5 Responses to “Acocks Green – our very first, very local social media surgery.”

  1. David Nikel says:

    Sounds great, best of luck :)

  2. Praguetory says:

    Stockfield Church is nearby and I’ve been wanting to introduce them for some time. Hope the short notice isn’t a barrier.

  3. Nick Booth says:

    Thanks for your comments. The surgery went well and we’re planning another with a bit more notice. Will let you know asap.

  4. Nicola Toms says:

    The first AG Social Media Surgery did go very well. I’m looking forward to the next one and meeting a few more people from the area.

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