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An award for online civic activism in Birmingham – you can vote!


Press Club - West Midlands Media Awards 2009As the awards site itself says:

Who do you think should win the first ever Midlands Media Awards People’s Choice Award? This award will recognise an individual or group that has used social media tools to make a difference.

The four candidates are the Brum Bloggers Social Media Surgeries,  the Big City Talk site, the 4am Project and the Black Country Facebook Group.Whatever you do,  please vote.  The Birmingham Press Club and Raffaela Goodby at Birmingham City Council have taken the time to notice that interesting digital/civic things are happening in Birmingham.  It’s worth a moment to acknowledge that and get involved.

Use  this link to support the one you prefer.  The awards are on Thursday June 18th 2009, so boting after that won’t count but you may be charged…. (no charge promise).

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