A site about how community groups and charities can make the most of data and open data to do something useful. Focused on Birmingham, relevant everywhere.

Why Be Vocal?



This site is called Be Vocal because it reflects a growing passion the people of Birmingham have for using the web to express themselves.

We’re interested in two things:

  1. Pulling together the story of  how social media is being used for social good in Birmingham. How it strengthens or influences local democracy.
  2. Keeping track of the  Birmingham Open City project – an experiment in encouraging citizens to use public data in new ways.

The name was inspired after ruminating over Simon Grice’s Be Local site.

The site will run from June to the end of September 2009. It’s been set up by Nick Booth, from Podnosh with the support of Dave Harte at Digital Birmingham, who’s in overall charge of the Birmingham Open City project.    Nick is the organiser of  the Social Media Surgeries in Birmingham.  The design is by Kasper Sorensen, a former student on BCU’s  Online Journalism Course.

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